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Saturday 01 june 2013


To celebrate the great review from PocketTactics

the game is on sale at half price for a limited time (one week)

This game has received great reviews :

- [PocketTactics] 4/5 : "I cannot recommend it enough."

- [iPadBoardGames] 7/10 : "Perfect for quick matches on your own or with a friend, it will sit happily in your collection."

- [BGG iOS] 3/4 : "Diaballik is a simple game, but it is its simplicity that allows it to succeed. Really the only thing you are missing is the tactile feel of the pieces themselves."

Monday 28 november 2011

Universal version available on

the Apple Store!

Thursday 24 november 2011

An iPhone/iPad version 2.0 will be available soon on the Apple Store. The happy owners of iPad version 1.0 will be able to enjoy free. Since today, to celebrate this, the price of the application was lowered from 4.99 to 3.99 USD. This price will be maintained until the end of the year.

Saturday 25 june 2011

To mark the release of version iPad, the site has been rejuvenated.